Monday, April 4, 2011

GRCs for the Opposition

The oppositions could get two GRCs but probably that is as far as they could go. There will not be a two-party system. For a small Country, we have too many opposition parties.

No single opposition party will have enough able and committed people to form a government. Even the PAP finds it hard to get these people. And with their avoid-three-corner-fight agreement, it makes things worse. People in some constituencies who wish to vote for the better opposition party could not do so because it has given in to weaker parties.

To have a strong opposition, the smaller opposition parties should merge with the bigger and established parties. Instead of that, we saw opposition members switching parties or breaking away to form new parties.

It seems that these parties cannot even agree on what is good for Singapore. Or perhaps the party chiefs do not want to give up their leader title. For example, if the RP joins the WP, then the RP chief would be,at best, No.3 in the WP.