Friday, September 4, 2009

Is prostitution legal in Singapore?

Most of you know that soliciting is illegal in Singapore. That means you cannot offer your sex services on the street or in any public place, harass people or stand around with a placard hanging on your breasts to advertise your services. You probably also know that prostitution is not illegal in Singapore. But is it legal?

Though not illegal, I think it is not legal either; because :

First, the Government doesn’t recognize it as a legal business, at least not yet. The prostitutes and brothel owners don’t have to pay taxes and brothels don’t have to pay for a licence. If it is legal the Government would be taxing them. This would not look good on the Government because it is getting money from immoral earnings.

Second, if it is legal, there would be some written rules and regulations. If the brothel owners or prostitutes think that the anti-vice authorities are unfair to them, they could complain or write to the papers. They could also form an association or union to fight for their rights.

Right now, they just have to abide by certain rules which can be amended any time and the AV can suspend them for a short period if they breach any rule or in more serious cases, close down the brothels or send the prostitutes back home.

Third, the Government cannot close down a legal business. But if the Government suddenly decides to close down all the brothels, it can do so but probably it will give them two years’ notice.

So I think the brothels are just authorized to do their business, not legalized and the prostitutes are not 'legal' but registered so that they can be better managed and to ensure they go for health check-up.