Friday, November 14, 2008

Non-Chinese PM and GRCs

Non-Chinese PM

Even if we choose to have a non-Chinese PM, I don't think it necessary means that we are less race-conscious or more race-blind. There can only be one PM and I think we all agree that we let the best person do the job. There will still be other Chinese ministers.

Now, if we have no Malay or Indian ministers and the Malays and Indians don't mind, then we are really race-blind. Or if we have no Chinese ministers and the Chinese don't mind.

If this were to happen I believe everyone would mind because it is not a good thing. I feel that completely race-blind is not a good thing.


If all our constituencies were single-seat and we really don't care about race, then we vote for the best candidate in each case. It could happen that in each case or in most cases the best turns out to be Chinese. Then we would have very few, or none, MPs from the minority races.

Then maybe we can have NCMP only from the minorities but I think no one likes that. Or we can stipulate that certain constituencies can only be contested by candidates from the minorities. Again I think no one likes that. So I think the better way is still GRCs.

GRCs are advantages to the PAP only because the oppositions do not have enough good candidates. There are quite a number of single-seat wards, how come the oppositions only won two seats. The same reason too. If the oppositions have enough good candidates, they have equal opportunities. Then they will not oppose GRCs, they may even like them.